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Click Here Ltd, is a UK registered company that specialize in day-to-day trading activities of electronic cigarettes, with an online presence for its investment platform hosted at Our company is domiciled in England, with a registration No - 10209013, with its headquarter office located at, 77, Oxford Street, Soho, London, W1D 2ES, UNITED KINGDOM. This information can be verified on the Company House website.
Our investment portfolios are managed by our team of specialists who have several years of on-the-job experience and expertise in trading, finances and liquid asset control. We also have experts in the field of IT with several years of industrial experience under their belt who have vast knowledge in site administration, security, threats mitigation & control.
To become one of our valuable investors and start earning, you need to register an account, a process which is free and takes just few minutes to complete. Please, refer to our Get Started page for more details.
At Ltd, we give utmost attention to security of our investors data and financial asset. As a result, we provide top notch security measures to man and secure all transactions taking place on our website, using state-of-the-art security tools that ensure that all data transfer and transmission on our website are protected using the highest level of data encryption available and an anti-DDos technology.
In order to regain access to your account, you need to click on the "Forgot Password" link, where you will be asked to enter your username or email address. You will receive an e-mail to this effect, for identification and confirmation purposes, before we proceed with resetting your password.
At the moment, we accept e-currency wallets such as; Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin. Meanwhile, those who do not have any of these e-currency wallets are advised to create one, which is completely free-of-charge.

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Upon the completion of your account opening process above, you can fund them using either your debit or credit card. Please refer to the last question under this section for tips on "how to".
Once your deposit payment transaction has been effected, your deposit should reflect under your account balance immediately. However, if you are depositing with Bitcoin, please note that depositing via Bitcoin wallet is not an immediate thing, as it usually take from 15 minutes to 24 hours for Bitcoin payment transaction to be processed by the Bitcoin Network.
Sure! At a given instance, you can deposit more than one time, however, each of them will be processed separately. In addition, the minimum investment deposit amount is $10.00 while the maximum deposit amount allowed is $50,000.00.
Yes, making deposit directly from your account balance is allowed. To do this, simply log into your Ltd account, click "Make a Deposit", and select "Deposit from Account Balance".
Yes! You can fund your chosen e-currency account using either a debit or credit card. If you are using a Bitcoin wallet, you can fund it using your debit or credit card, Masters & Visa cards on this website. Also, if the e-currency wallet of your choice is Payeer, you can fund it using your debit or credit card directly on Payeer website . However, if Perfect Money is your chosen e-wallet account, there are several accredited exchanger services that accept debit & credit card for funding of your Perfect Money account.
In order to initiate withdrawal request, first, you need to log into your account and click on "Request Withdrawal" from your membership account panel, enter the amount to withdraw, leave a short feedback if applicable, and click on the "Continue" button. Fill in your "Transaction Code", which is the security code you had chosen during the sign up and registration process. Thereafter, you will be asked to confirm your withdrawal, to complete the withdrawal process simply click on the "Confirm Withdrawal" button.
Funds will be available on your e-currency wallet from 15 minutes of making the withdrawal request to 24 hours but not exceeding 24 hours. However, if your withdrawal request has been pending for period longer than 24 hours, do not panic, all you need do is send us a message by using the form on our "Contact Us" page.
No! For secured protection of our investors' funds and finances, we discourage and do not permit withdrawing into e-currency account different from the ones used in making the deposit, as registered on our record file.
Investors are free to initiate withdrawal request process of their funds upon the expiration of their investment tenor, provided the said fund is available on their account balance, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.
No, at the moment we do not charge any fee for processing of withdrawal request. If you request to withdraw $100.00, you will receive exact sum of $100.00 on your e-currency wallet.
Yes! Our affiliate program pays a referral commission of 4% from each deposit made by your referrals.
Yes, we welcome everyone on board our affiliate program. So, register an account today and start promoting us to your friends, family and colleagues at work to become active investors in our program and earn referral commissions in the process. NOTE: we do not tolerate those who try to cheat our referral system by registering for another account to refer themselves with a view of earning referral commission on their own personal investment. We have a way of detecting this abnormal strategy already implemented in our system and once we detect and discover someone playing foul, we will not process such referral commission withdrawal request, and if the person found culpable of this act do not restrain from continuing to cheat our system, we will not hesitate to freeze his/her account.
You can receive referral commission, simply by promoting your personalized affiliate referral link to your followers on social media, sharing about Ltd with your close associates, family and friends using "Word of Mouth" and every other available means you can think of. Please note, your personalized affiliate referral link usually come in this format -, where "Money" represents and should be replaced by your very own username.
Your personalized referral link can be found at the top-right corner of your account panel, once you are logged in. You can also access our program banners which can be used for promotional purposes by clicking at the "Get Banners" button, next to your personalized referral link - under your account panel. Additionally, details showing statistics of your referrals such as their usernames, emails and whether they are active or inactive members, can be accessed and viewed under your account panel, just click on the "My Referrals" link.
No! Inasmuch as we would love to see new members join our investment program on daily basis in their hundreds; however, we greatly frown at spam. We hate unsolicited emails and we do not advice any of your members to promote us using this bad method. Anyone found culpable of this act, would have his/her account suspended or the funds frozen by our anti-spam department.