Keep your wallet glowing GREEN, whilst we keep our environment GREEN together.

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Limited Liability Company " LTD" is a fully registered company in United Kingdom, with the registration no. 10209013. Our company's official address is 77, Oxford Street, Soho, London, W1D 2ES, UNITED KINGDOM.

Recent research puts current estimates of adult cigarette smoking in the U.S to 42.1 million people, with percentage of men smokers puts at 20.5% as compared to women which is at 15.8%.

Further, an average male smoker is thought to get through 14 cigarettes a day, while women smoke 13.

Cigarette smoke is said to contain over 4,000 chemicals, including over 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins such as; nicotine (highly addictive), tar, carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT.

Cigarette is assumed to be responsible for the death of half of all lifetime users, while it is said that no other consumer product is as dangerous as or kills as many people. Tobacco is believed to kill more than AIDS, legal drugs, illegal dugs, road accidents, and suicide combined.

In addtion, second-hand smoke is said to have caused 60,000 premature deaths every year. And in 2004, second-hand smoke is said to be accountable for about 24% children's death. As a result, WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control state that there is "no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke". And creating 100% smoke-free environments is believed to be the only way to protect people from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

In pursuit of a humanitarian cause of making our environment smoke-free and GREEN, that is livable by all, our company was established in the summer of 2015.

Inasmuch as we would like to see people live and lead a healthy lifestyle, we know how addicted cigarette smoking can be, and this led us to carrying out further extensive researches and the discoveries of environmental friendly products that serve as better alternative to the traditional cigarette, called electronic cigarette or e-cigarette.

According to various medical and industrial researches, e-cigs is believed to help smokers quit, poses lesser health risks, as they do not burn tobacco, but they do heat and vaporize liquids that contain nicotine, flavorings (which comes in different types) and other subtances.

At Ltd, we have partnered with carefully selected few e-cigarette manufacturers who are industry leaders and movers, and those who share our vision and the cause of creating and maintaining a healthy, green and highly sustainable environment for all. Ltd is into electronic cigarettes trading both at the local and international level. The company has its core values & focus on sales and distribution of low-risk cigarettes that poses minimal or lesser danger to both humans and the mother 'Earth'. The excellent performance demonstrated by the company together with significantly increased assets witnessed over a short period of one (1) operational year has allowed Ltd to offer its products and investments services to the open market, to everyone interested in profitable investments and getting stable revenue over a long period of time. At Ltd, we have team of experts from different disciplines such as trading, finance, IT and financial and low-risk asset managements, with several years of working experience on their portfolios and to their credits.

With the regional distribution of cigaratte smokers in Asia Pacific set to 64% on the global scale and perspectives, rivalring the Eastern & Western Europe's put together at 19%, an official figures suggesting that the smoking habit's prevalence among over 18's fell from 19.8% in 2012 to 18.7% in 2013, and a further decline in the market demands for cigarette smoking forecasted in Europe, it becomes necessary for Ltd to expand it's horizon with the aim of delving into the Asia Pacific and winning it's fair share of the Asian market.

In accordance to a recent report published on Forbes, the electronic cigarette industry is estimated to be worth a staggering sum of $3.7 billion as at last year; as such, the industry players are looking forward to even a much higher increase in the value and worth of the industry in this fiscal year.

Consequently, Ltd is fast learning to position itself well in the global market in order to extend to a wider reach of consumers within Europe and beyond, and most especially by capturing the Asian market as a player, with a view of obtaining a fair share of the market to itself.

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Our company is neither an associate nor a subdivision of another company, as such; the board of directors, consisting of experts in various disciplines and shareholders of the company is independent in its decision making.

The main objective of the investment fund is to ensure stable and high earnings to corporate and private investors while keeping risks at reasonable levels. Ltd is an investment platform created to provide every investor the opportunity to gain maximum profit from investing with minimal risk.

The fund gathers pools of money and when such a pool becomes big enough, they are put into trading of electronic cigarettes by our company with an effective and low-risk management strategy put in place.

In addition, our investment plans have been so designed in such a way to accommodate all sorts of investors from newbie, intermediate and experienced investors depending on their level of financial and investment knowledge and risk appetite.

Moreso, investors have nothing to be afraid of, as our investment plans have been strongly designed with various categories of investors in mind and as such, little or no investments knowledge is required in order to invest at Ltd.

Please, invest with confidence and don't forget - let's keep our environment GREEN.

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Certificate of Incorporation

Our company LTD is a genuine, trusted and registered trading & investments company, registered in England.

Company Ref. #: 10209013