Keep your wallet glowing GREEN, whilst we keep our environment GREEN together.

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Open An Account

To become a formal member of Ltd, it is a must to complete the membership registration process. It is simple! Just click on the "Register an Account", after which a page containing the registration form will be displayed. Fill in your details as requested to complete the process.

Deposit Funds

To make a deposit, simply log into Ltd using your membership account details (i.e combination of your username and password). When you are logged in, from your account panel, locate "Make a Deposit", the deposit form will be displayed where you choose the investment plan that interest you, enter the amount you would like to deposit and click on the "Continue" button. Once the button is clicked, you will be directed to a page asking you to confirm your deposit, click on the "Confirm Deposit" button. Upon the deposit confirmation process, you will be redirected to the payment processor website, where you are required to log in to effect your deposit transaction, depending on the e-currency wallet you are using and the payment processor company. Once the payment has been made, please click on "Return To Merchant" and you will be directed to our official company's website. At this stage your deposit will be credited to the investment plan you had chosen, and should equally reflect in our system under your account panel as your "Active Deposit".

Earning Of Profit

Upon the expiration of your investment tenor, which is majorly determined by your chosen investment plan, your earnings which includes your initial principal, will be added to your account. In order to calculate your probable earnings, kindly make use of our Profit Calculator - available on the homepage.

Withdraw Funds

In order to withdraw your earnings or referral commissions from your Ltd's account, simply navigate to "Request Withdrawal" under your account panel, enter the amount you want to withdraw, leave a short feedback if applicable, and click on the "Continue" button. Thereafter, a page asking you to confirm the withdrawal request will be displayed, and click on the "Confirm Withdrawal" button. At this stage, all you need do is sit back & relax while we process your withdrawal request, which should take between 5 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the online availability of our support staff and the volume of transactions at a given instance.